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Break Your Own Geodes Gift Box

Break Your Own Geodes Gift Box

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💫Unleash your inner explorer and find the hidden beauty of nature with our Break Your Own Geodes Gift Box! Perfect for nature enthusiasts and anyone who loves geology!

✨We have carefully curated a selection of handpicked geodes from around the world.

Kits include 6 or 10 geodes, you choose! Each geode is unique! The crystals inside may vary in size, shape, color, or can even be solid inside. They should have a 90% hollow rate and will make a fun specimen. The joy lies in the surprise of you you'll find!


1.) Crystalline Geode
2.) Crystal River Geode
3.) Sugar Geode (Morocco)
4.) Candy Geode (Mexico)
5.) Amethyst Geode
6.) Keokuk Geode

7.) Trancas Geode
8.) La Perla Geode
9.) Moroccan Geode (Large)
10.) Occo Geode

✨wrapped in tissue and labeled,
✨included instruction sheet explaining how to crack them (see below for this info)
✨also includes information about where they are from and their typical characteristics

🔨🥽TO OPEN GEODES: WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES!! Put geode into an old sock or wrap in a towel. Start hitting it
gently with a hammer, increasing force as needed to break through the outer crust to expose the
crystals within. You may have success in getting larger/equal halves when breaking by turning the geode
as you hit with the hammer along a vertical line to weaken the breaking points along a straight line, but
this does take some practice. Additionally, you could try sawing the geodes in half with a diamond
bladed wet saw.

⚠️Please note: This kit contains small parts and is not intended for children under 6 years of age. This kit is intended for learning purposes and parental supervision is required as raw gems and minerals can contain sharp edges and points.

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