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Raw Crystals and Gemstone Bowl Gift Set

Raw Crystals and Gemstone Bowl Gift Set

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This gorgeous collection of natural raw gemstones and minerals comes in a trendy rustic wooden dough bowl. Each bowl is handmade, one of a kind, and has a slightly different size and shape, unique in their own way just like each of the stones it holds. This set would make a great self care gift, gift for a friend, mom, or anyone who could use a calming pick me up. Use it for displaying on a desk, in a bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere in the home or office that could use some calming natural decor. Included will be the natural gemstones and a list of their meta-physical properties.

Bowl sizes vary but measure approximately: 2-3 inches tall and 6-7 inches wide.

Please note some imperfections as these are hand made from wood.

The gems, minerals, and crystals included in this set are:
Amethyst: encourages calm, relieves anxiety
Rose Quartz: relationships, love, compassion, friendship
Quartz Point
and Quartz Geode Piece: absorbs negative energy, increases positive energy, connection to true identity
Yellow Calcite: memory, hope, confidence
Moonstone: fertility, love, protection
Labradorite: Shield from negativity, transformation, grounding, mystical
Sodalite: intuition, identify wants and needs
Blue Apetite: motivation, self-acceptance
Amazonite: empowerment, peacemaking, attainment of dreams

Every order will come with a drawstring bag and a card for gifting. If you would like for me to include a message please choose the personalization option at the checkout with your message.

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