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Rocking Birthday Crystal Gift Box

Rocking Birthday Crystal Gift Box

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This fun Birthday Rocks! gift set would make an excellent birthday learning gift as a unique alternative to the usual store bought gift. Great for older kids and even adults! Help kids learn about science as they explore the variety of different labeled stones in this box. Kit includes 12 or 25 (You choose preference) gemstones and minerals. Each kit will be similar but may vary slightly depending on availability of certain pieces. We have chosen a range of gems, minerals, and fossils, and will include a paper slip with each one so you will know the name of the piece. Custom bag will be made for you using vinyl colors we have on hand either blue or red.

***All sets will have three small geodes and instructions on how to crack them. Geodes may be hollow inside or contain pure quartz.

The remaining gemstones will include a preselected variety of the following possible pieces: Pyrite (fools gold), Selenite Rose, Black Tourmaline, Apache Tears Obsidian, Peacock Ore, Mexican Lace Agate, Green Aventurine, Zebra Jasper, Blue Apatite, Moonstone, Labradorite, Polished Botswana Agate, Keokuk (Iowa) Geodes, Blue Kyanite Blades, Flourite, Amazonite, Sodalite, Honey Calcite, Firework Obsidian, Howlite, Amethyst, Clear/Milky Quartz, Yellow Calcite, Dyed Crackle Quartz, Turitella Agate Shells, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Unakite, Petrified Wood, Smokey Quartz
***(you will not receive all of these items but we will curate a lovely selection for you! Selections may vary based on availability.)

Please choose in drop down between the following options:
1) 12 labeled gemstones (includes 5x7 personalized "birthday rocks” drawstring bag)
2) 25 labeled gemstones (includes 8x10 personalized 'birthday rocks” drawstring bag) +free shipping on orders over $35

If you would like to add personalized message on the attached birthday sign on the box please add your message as a note in the checkout. If you have any questions please send me a message!

Since this is a custom made to order item we do not offer returns or exchanges on this item. However, If you have a problem or are not happy with your order please send us a message and let us know!

***Please note: This kit contains small parts and is not intended for young children under 6 years of age. This kit is intended for learning purposes and parental supervision is required as raw gems and minerals can contain sharp edges and points.

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